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The FreeAdsUK classifieds blog. We give you as much information as you need to get the best from advertising your items online with free help and guides as well as safer online shopping and finding the best online adverts for jobs, cars, property and anything else listed in modern classifieds...


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Help: On this page we will show you how you can quickly and easily create an advert on Free Ads UK to advertise any item for sale, local business, product or service in the UK.

Best cheap used phones of 2018

Need a new phone on a budget? Shop the second hand market and get quality cheap used iPhone and Android phones for a fraction of the new price in 2018. We look at the best, most powerful phones that you can buy used and still get all the performance on a tight budget.

Get free business advertising

Are you looking for free business advertising? Get more customers by advertising your business on FreeAdsUK. Create a free advert for your trade or business in your local area. Enquiries from your advert come directly to your phone or email...

Alternatives to the Apple iPhone X

Looking for alternatives to the iPhone X phone? Apple iPhone X's are a premium mobile released in September 2017 to celebrate 10 years of the iPhone, but with prices starting from £999 (that's £1 shy of a cool grand) we look at cheaper alternatives with an equal or better spec...

Advertise Property Online Free

There are a million ways to advertise property but not many websites allow you to effortlessly advertise property for sale or to rent completely free of charge. Forget the property portals; you could even ditch estate agents...

Get more for your money

Here's a few tips on how to get the very most for your money or get what you want for the lowest price possible when buying anything second hand, especially if you're planning on spending a lot of money...

Make some extra holiday spending money

There's always room for a little more holiday spends to make it all the more fun to splash out on your annual getaway - So here's a few great ways to make some extra money to take with you without breaking a sweat...

Different ad types on Free Ads UK

Learn about the different types of ads that can be posted on From free ads, premium ads, wanted, free stuff, jobs... There's plenty you can do with classified ads on Free Ads UK.

What items sell best in the summer?

Some things sell better at a certain time of year. Summer is by far the most popular time for going on holiday, camping, barbecues and outdoor living whereas Winter encourages us to stay in the warm and watch movies and get snug. So what items are best advertised during the summer?

How to create a free classified advert

The quick and simple way to create a free classified ad in the UK using a good quality title, an accurate description and clear photographs...

Recycle, freecycle and upcycle old stuff

Recycling, upcycling and freecycling... What is it and how can it save you money and create a little class from something otherwise unwanted. It's in no way complicated...

History and definition of classified ads

What is a classified ad? We look at the definition of the term and the evolution of classified advertising through different types of media from print to digital over the last 20 years...

Hold an online garage sale

Got a lot of stuff around the home and garage to sell? Here's how to hold an online garage sale and make some money. It's easier than you might think to clear your garage or junk...

Sell your car online in the UK free

Are you a motor trader looking for a quicker and easier way to advertise cars online? Advertising and selling cars using classified ads can offer the perfect solution to help you sell cars quickly online and advertising cars is easier than you might think.

Getting the best price for second hand stuff

Here's 6 tips that will guarantee you the best chance of getting top price for your second hand stuff. Advertise your used stuff online and it might sell, advertise it well and you'll get the best possible price...

Selling your used furniture online

Are you selling used furniture? Find out what furniture sells well and how you should sell it. Some of your used furniture will sell really well if the advert is well written and the price is right...

Sell your house privately

Are you looking to find out how to sell your house privately without an estate agent? There are a few things you need to do but the savings can far outweigh the legwork for selling your house on your own...

Selling your old children's clothing

Are you wondering what to do with your children's old clothes? There's a brilliantly simple way to recycle your old childen's clothes and make a little bit of money back to put towards some new clothes for your child...

Sim only deals from Vodafone or EE

Want to find the best sim-only sim card deal for your mobile phone? We look across the UK networks to find you cheap sim card deals to make sure you get the best from your new phone from EE, Vodafone, FreedomPop and more...

Classified ad upgrade options

What offers and upgrades are available for classified ads? classified ads can be posted completely free and include all the content of any other ad - But to get maximum exposure and viewership to your ad you might want to consider these upgrade options...

freeview and sky tv box alternatives in the UK

Are you looking for an alternative to Freeview, Freesat or a Sky TV alternative? It's tough to beat the might of Sky TV in the UK or Virgin Media's cable television option, with their huge plethra of premium TV channels. At the same time Freeview and Freesat offer excellent free-to-air channels and other providers are available too. But what alternatives are there that we don't hear so much about that could save you a fortune?

Buying cheap car parts online

Are you looking for cheap car parts online? It's often tempting and sometimes completely neccessary to buy cheap or used car parts to repair your vehicle, but what's good and what should you avoid?

Checks when buying a used car

Are you buying a used car? Here's 9 simple checks you can make to help ensure you're buying a good quality car that's been looked after...

Best used mobile phones in 2017

Are you shopping for a new mobile phone on a budget? Here we review the 10 best second hand mobiles and used phones to shop for from 2017. What phone to buy on a tight-budget to get the best features and reliablility from your cheap iPhone or Android...

Huawei mobile phones review

The Review: Are Huawei phones really any good? We review Huawei as a brand and phone manufacturer along with the build quality of their latest phones which are taking the UK by storm.

Sell unwanted gifts and presents free

Are you looking for the best way to make money selling unwanted Christmas presents online? It was a lovely gesture, but sometimes Aunt Mavis gets it wrong and the gift she got you just needs to be sold on! Try free classified ads to shift it quickly for cash...

Getting a new pet for Christmas helpful tips

Are you planning on suprising the family by getting a new pet for the household? Whether it's a new puppy for the family or a goldfish, a kitten or a horse, here's some helpful advice on understanding the true cost and committment before you get a new family pet...

EE cheap sim card deal

Want to know how I get a huge load of mobile data, minutes and texts for £1 per week? Below I show you the easy steps to getting your phone deal for just £1 per week. No catch! I'm now getting over 1GB of data a month, 120+ minutes and 140+ texts every month from EE. Here's how you're going to spend your next fiver...

Free Ads UK - Search

If you're looking to sell something online then using classified ads websites in the UK is usually the best way to go. Classifieds offer a free way of selling cars, property, clothes or anything you have to sell by advertising them easily and locally and here we show you how to maximise your results.

Sell your car online in the UK free

Do you want to find out how to sell your car quickly online, and for free? Selling your vehicle online can be achieved quick and easily by advertising it in the right place, and private sellers can advertise their car completely free.

Advertise job vacancies online in the UK

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to advertise job vacancies online? We offer simple classified ads for employers with detailed descriptions and your all-important contact details to help you fill the job vacancy locally.

Free classified ads website in London

Looking for a free classified ads website in London? offer classified ads throughout London completely free of charge, where you can find and sell your pre-owned stuff easily to and from local people.

Free classified ads website in Wales

Are you looking for a free classified ads website in Wales? offer completely free classified ads throughout Wales where you can find and sell your pre-owned stuff easily to and from local people.

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