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There are a million ways to advertise property but not many websites allow you to effortlessly advertise property for sale or to rent completely free of charge. Forget the property portals; you could even ditch estate agents...


Advertise property online for free

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Advertise property online for free with classified ads and get:

  • Free property adverts
  • HUGE savings Vs estate agents and property portal fees
  • Adverts that are easy to create and a doddle to manage
  • Enquiries from buyers and tennants directly to your phone number or email



We're all looking for the best way to advertise property - Traditionally the solution has been to find a local estate agent who you recognise and who can generate a number of leads to you.


The evolution of property advertising

These agents have had to evolve their advertising methods over recent times with the internet becoming the go-to place to search for property; either for sale or to rent and this is consistent across the UK.


This means that estate agents advertise your property across a network of (usually) paid for property portal websites like Zoopla or Rightmove. These are both great websites however with your property being advertised alongside every other house or flat for sale or rent let within miles of yours the competition between has grately increased, leaving your property lost in a crowd.


Property portal website fees


Although these property portal websites offer buyers and tennants a great place to search for property, advertised property can get completely lost amongst similar houses, flats and new-builds which offer like-for-like accommodation and for a within the same budget as you're hoping to get for yours.


Paying for property advertising that doesn't get it's due attention: lots of clicks and interest from buyers and renters, doesn't always prove to be a successful marketing strategy.


The expensive way doesn't mean the best way...

Let's not forget that these property websites may well be charging the agents to advertise property on their site and probably then charging them again every time an enquiry is made through the website. All these extra costs need to be covered and that money is being added to your fee for hiring the estate agent in the first place.


So here's iclocal's property advertising solution: Free classified advertising for property which gives you the chance to show off your property, wherther it's for sale or to rent, to the masses without risking any money. We offer you the potential to create a fantastic advert and share it easily across social media sites including Facebook and Twitter.


the key to advertising property


Ditch the agent?

By advertising your own property online you get the opportunity to ditch the estate agent completely. This would potentially save you 1000's of pounds in fees - Money which you can invest back in to minor improvements around the property to ensure you achieve the maximum sale or rental value.


There are a few points you need to consider when you advertise property yourself without an estate agent including EPC's and solictors - We've written an article here to help you with selling or renting property without an agent.


To summarise: advertising property online really doesn't need to be difficult and there is no reason to have to spend any money to get the ball rolling.

  • Advertise property to rent - It's free, it's easy to advertise and the enquiries can come directly to your chosen phone number and/or email address.
  • Advertise property for sale with no fees for advertising and free enquiries from genuine buyers.


Create an account and advertise your property today - Whether you have an estate agent on board or not, there's nothing to lose by advertising your property today for free.


Ask your agent...

"Are you already advertising my property on". If not, why not? It's free and you could be missing out on crucial enquiries.


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