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Here's 6 tips that will guarantee you the best chance of getting top price for your second hand stuff. Advertise your used stuff online and it might sell, advertise it well and you'll get the best possible price...

Best price for second hand stuff

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The second hand market is vast with thousands of people selling items from around the home which they no longer want or need. These unused items are of value to someone else, so we look at how to advertise your items to ensure you not only stand out from other ads online, but to make sure you get the best possible price, and quickly.


Your second hand stuff is likely used, slightly blemished or even of a limited lifespan and this should all be reflected in the price your selling it for. Your advert should reflect all of this but focus attention on the positives and the things that will make any interested person want to pay your asking price for the stuff you're selling.


Some items will sell for a few pounds and others will sell for hundreds, if not thousands of pounds - The selling price is usually reflected by a couple of simple things; the original purchase price, the age of the item and it's overall condition. The example below shows how a much a second hand sofa will sell for:

A sofa in reasonable condition which was £700 new can be advertised for sale for around £100-£200 and can be expected to sell quite quickly. A quicker sale will come for a lower price and if the sofa's condition is excellent then a higher price can be expected.


Below I have detailed 6 simple points to follow when advertising your item for sale, to ensure you get the best possible price for your second hand stuff online:


1: Use the title well

You can tell people it's a "car", or you can tell potential buyers that it's a "2012 Ford Focus 1.6 Petrol Manual in great condition with low mileage". If Im in the market for a practical modern and reliable hatchback car I know which advert I'm going to click on.

Make use of the title and tell potential buyers exactly what it is you're selling. If you're selling a wardrobe give details of the material it's made out of, is it large or small and so on. If you're advertising property the key information would be the number of bedrooms, the location and the local amenities available to anyone who lives there.


2: Introduce buyers to your item

Most good classified ads websites will offer you a small paragraph of introduction text. Use this space to give a more detailed brief overview of what it is you're selling. Phrases like "great condition" or "low mileage" work well here to grab the buyer's attention.


3: Write a good, interesting and detailed description

It's always tempting to be lazy and just tell people what it is here, but going in to detail and explaining all the pro's and con's of your item is a great way to ensure that anyone who contacts you is genuinely interested in buying. Is the item immaculate, is there a mark, dent or scratch that will need to be pointed out?


4: Upload clear and detailed photographs

Whatever it is that you're offering for sale or to rent, the buyer will love seeing good quality, clear photographs or all aspects of the item. A blurry shot in a cluttered background is not going to encourage buyers. And make sure the item, car or room is clean before taking photographs - It gives a much better impression to any buyer.


5: Make yourself available

Sounds a bit daft, but making yourself available means providing your potential buyers with an easy route to contact you. If you give your mobile number out for buyers to call or text you then make sure that you're available to answer calls during the day and evening. A missed call often means a missed sale as your buyer will move on to the next similar item for sale from someone else.


6: Be flexible

Where possible, make yourself flexible with regards buyers collecting from you or you delivering items to them. If you can offer delivery to customers nearby then do so, it makes a big difference to the buyer not having to worry about travelling to collect an item.


Wherever you chose to advertise your item for sale or to rent, following these 6 tips will ensure your advert displays the item in the best possible light. Your ad will attract maximum visitors and this will result in you getting more interest and selling quicker, and for the best possible price.



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