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Are you looking for cheap car parts online? It's often tempting and sometimes completely neccessary to buy cheap or used car parts to repair your vehicle, but what's good and what should you avoid?

There are loads of shops, online retailers, scrap yards and car breakers where you can source new or used cheap car parts. Some sellers are very reliable offering discount new products and some will offer cheap alternative parts which will often lack quality. We look at what parts you should seriously consider spending a-little-more on and the parts which you can source cheap without compromising on vehicle safety and reliability.


New and used car parts


  • Buying cheap car parts online
  • Car engine parts - Buy used or buy new?
  • Cheap exterior panels and car windows
  • Budget tyres and wheels
  • Where to buy new or used car parts


Should I always buy the cheapest car parts I can find online?

The cheapest parts are not always the best parts to buy, and we always advise that you shop around in order to source the best quality products at the lowest price.

Taking for example the exterior car panels. If you have a significant dent in your vehicle panel and you need to source a replacement then buying a used panel which is in good condition for cheap will usually offer just as much quality as a more expensive used car panel. However if you are sourcing an engine component to replace a faulty part on your car you will often find that the very cheapest parts which are manufactured by a brand you have never heard of, or no brand at all will provide very little reliability and this will result in you needing to replace the same part again much sooner.

Reputable retailers source their car parts very carefully to ensure they can provide you with high-quality car parts at low prices. Items are usually branded and can be obtained at low prices on their websites, where the parts are then delivered directly to you or your mechanic; whichever is more convenient.



Online car parts retailers usually stock a selection of exterior parts, panels and car accessories which are all brand new. The engine parts, oil and other service parts for your car offer excellent value for money and buying new parts will also provide you with a warranty and a point-of-return should you find that any parts you buy aren't exaclty what they were described to be. This isn't something you will always get when buying used car parts.


Cheap car engine parts / Used engine parts

There are parts in your car's engine bay which you should always show as much respect as possible, where spending a little more for repairs will give you considerable reliablity as well as piece-of-mind for you that the parts you are replacing will last and perform well.

On some occasions you will find it easier and much more cost effective to source used parts - For example a steering rack on an older car may cost £400-£600+ to replace with a new part, but buying a used steering rack in good condition can cost less than £100. Steering racks rarely need to be replaced so a good condition used rack for such a low price is a saving worth making. However a used car radiator, once fitted, may appear to work very well however a pin-hole leak that you didn't know about will cause you problems before long. Buying a new radiator guarantees that you won't come across such issues and the extra money you spend won't be a bank breaker.


Cheap car exterior panels and windows

In a situation where you need to replace car body panels or windows, sourcing second hand items is usually a better financial option. You can save a lot of money by sourcing used parts and replacing your damaged panels or windows this way, where new panels can cost several hundred pounds more. Used car panels and windows are easy to inspect, you can simply check for cracks or breaks in glass or dents or rust in panels. If there are none then you've got a bargain.


Try Selr for used car parts in the UK: Vehicle Parts


Cheap wheels and tyres / Part-worn tyres

Buying used wheels and tyres is a bit of a minefield. My recommendation here is to always buy new. After all, the only part of your car that actually makes contact with the road is the tyre, so why "cut corners"?

Used car wheels are often a cost effective way to replace your alloys and you need to check for high signs of wear or curb damage as well as buckling - The wheen needs to be perfectly round for it to perform effectively.

Used tyres or "part worn tyres" on the other hand are often highly frowned upon in that you really don't know the history of the tyre, especially if you don't get a chance to inspect the tyre before it's fitted. Used tyres can have several puncture repairs that you will not know about, as well as other damage which can be dangerous on the road. If you have no option but to purchase used tyres then always ensure you get to inspect the tyre first and I advise that you replace them with a new tyre as soon as possible.


Where do we recommend for cheap new car parts online?

Although eBay and other websites offer some great deals on new car parts, in recent years I find myself sourcing most, if not all my new car parts from Euro Car Parts online. Euro car parts offer pretty much every part for my car and the prices are so much cheaper than other out of town parts retailers that they are difficult to ignore.

Euro Car Parts stock most of their parts in local stores so you can order online and pick the parts up locally or even have them delivered to you the same day. It's such a simple and cheap place to buy branded car parts from that it's hard for me to recommend anyone else.

The Euro Car Parts website is easy to use too, type in your car registration number and the website will then only show you parts which are compatible with your car. So even those who don't know too much about car parts can shop with confidence. Visit the website here.


What about used car parts, where should I get them from?

Used car parts are available from hundreds of locations online. Marketplaces and classified ads websites as well as dedicated companies who stock thousands of used car parts ready to be delivered to you. have a section of the website dedicated entirely to car parts where you can find local people who are selling car parts near you, for you to agree a price and then go and collect - Really convenient if you need a cheap car part in a hurry.



See: Used car parts classified ads



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