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What offers and upgrades are available for classified ads? icLocal.co.uk classified ads can be posted completely free and include all the content of any other ad - But to get maximum exposure and viewership to your ad you might want to consider these upgrade options...

In addition to a regular, completely free classified ad on icLocal.co.uk, you have the option to upgrade your subscription and get more views and potential enquiries to your advert and it doesn't cost the earth.

Far from it infact - premium and business plans available from just £1.50 and premium ads at just 1p each on the unlimited plan, it's easier than ever to sell online with classified ads in the UK.


classified ad upgrades

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What ad upgrades can I get on icLocal.co.uk?

Ad upgrades are available when you create a classified ad on the website with different upgrade options available on different plans. Below we detail the benefits of each upgrade which will last the entire length that the advert is live on the website.



Additional images

Included free: Up to 3

Every free advert can include up to 3 images within the ad, completely free of charge. If you would like to include additional images then you can add up to 17 more photo's on your classified ad  with premium and business plans. If you're selling a car or advertising a property for sale or to rent then additional images are a really affordable way to show off your item without costing more than a couple of pounds.


Always on top

Benefit: Your ad never leaves the top of the list of adverts on the homepage and within the associated category or categories.

Always on top gives you the chance to have your advert always appear at the top of the list, regardless of how many other adverts are created - Your advert will stay at the top with the other "Always on top" ads. This means your ad will get seen far more often by website visitors browsing the categories and significantly increases your chances of a quick sale for a great price!

The always on top upgrade is available with the unlimited ads plan. Alternatively why not bump your advert to the top for just 99p?


Make the ad text Bold

Available with which plans? Premium, Business Pro & Unlimited Ads

Benefit: Your ad stands out in the list with bold text, making it easier to see and encourages visitors to read and click on your ad. in a list of ads on the page, bold text will attract more attention from shoppers to help you sell your item(s) more quickly.

The text on standard free adverts is a normal font - Upgrading to a bold highlighted ad gives your advert a boost over others with it standing out in all the lists of ads that yours appears in.


Highlight with a Border

Available with which plans? Business Ultimate & Unlimited Ads

Benefit: Your ad will stand out with a prominent border, attracting more shoppers to your advert and help you get more enquiries and make a quick sale of your item or items. Having the advert border is a great way to make your advert stand out amoung other similar ads.


Highlighted Background

Available with which plans? Premium, Business Pro, Business Ultimate & Unlimited Ads

Benefit: An advance on the Border upgrade (above), the highlighted background makes your advert stand out with an all blue background to attract attention away from other ads and straight to yours. This is the ideal way to get a quick sale without having to spend money that you'll miss!

Highlighting the background of your advert guarantees that your ad will stand out amoung other ads wherever on the website it appears. A blue background in a list of plain background ads is a winner for anyone with something to sell.


Make my ad Featured

Available with which plans? Business Ultimate & Unlimited Ads

Benefit: Get the maximum exposure for your advert across the icLocal.co.uk website with a featured ad.

The featured ad section highlights adverts on the homepage and at the bottom of category pages throughout the website meaning no matter what you're selling you are guaranteed that your advert will be seen all day every day! This is the ideal upgrade option for anyone looking to sell quickly and easily and you're sure to get the best price with so many people seeing your advert.


Bump your ad to the top

Alongside the above upgrade options, you can also "bump your advert to the top of the list at any time while your classified ad is live on the site. Bumping your advert costs 99p and automatically sends your advert back to the top of the category meaning more people will see it again.

You can bump your advert to the top of the list by loggin in to your account and editing your advert or adverts.

Anyone can bump their advert, no matter what plan you choose.


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