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Here's a few tips on how to get the very most for your money or get what you want for the lowest price possible when buying anything second hand, especially if you're planning on spending a lot of money...


finding bargains


Shop around and be flexible to get the best deals when you're buying second hand stuff:

  • Be patient
  • Shop around
  • Negotiate
  • Be willing to say no
  • Be prepared to travel



Everyone wants to get the best deal but not everybody has the patience and confidence to achieve bargain prices for exactly what they want. 

If you can follow a few simple steps you'll find yourself getting a much better deal:



Be patient

There are times when being patient just isn't an option - Maybe your car has finally packed in and you need to replace it immediately or similarly there's an urgency to replace a home appliance. However if the item doesn't need to be replaced urgently then patience can save you money and get the best out of your money.

Shop around and look a bit further away than you might usually think to. The bargains are out there and if you don't find them right away then your patience will pay off when the bargains do pop-up.

Act quickly; the bargains that get advertised will get a lot of enquiries so you need to be prepared to get your offer in early and be prepared to travel fast too, to make sure that you are the first person to inspect and then purchase the item.



Shop Around

Making sure you get the right bargain will involve shopping around and comparing different items from different sellers to make sure you're getting the best quality from the right seller.

If you're buying something big and/or particularly expensive then shopping around is more important than ever. Make sure you know what potential faults to look out for and get a feel for the trustworthiness and honesty of the seller. If they can't give you straight and honest responses to your questions then maybe they are not the right person to buy from.




There's aways at least a little bit of room for negotiation, even if the response is a resounding "no". Buying second hand from private or trade sellers can always involve a little bit of haggling and negotiation to ensure you're getting the absolute best price from the seller.

An asking price can be negotiated considerably, especially when buying larger items like a vehicle where an asking price of £5000 cound potentially be negotiated down by several hundred pounds.

I often hear stories of buyers of smaller items like used laptops or furniture being brought down from £100 to 60 or 70 pounds with a little negotiation and patience.



Be willing to say No!

If you're shopping for something which you've had your heart set on for a while then you will be familiar with what you're looking for and probably have a strong idea of what to expect and the price you can expect to pay.

If you find the right item near you then go and see it, get familiar with what's available, even if you think the price is too high. As mentioned before there is usually room for negotiation and you won't know unless you try - But if the seller isn't prepared to bring the price down to your expected range then be prepared to say no and walk away. Paying more than you expect to after thorough research will leave you with higher expectations and often leads to disapointment.



Be prepared to travel

Being prepared to travel, even several hundred miles for more expensive items can be the best way to save significant money.

Some items are more in demand in certain areas and in other areas they are less sought after. For example you are more likely to get a quick sale for agricultural machinery in rural areas where they are in demand. So if a tractor is for sale in a town or city the price will be lower in order to ensure a sale.

Broaden your horizon when searching for items and be prepared to travel to an area away from your locality to grab bargains from sellers in slower selling areas.



Following the above tips will help you grab bargains on just about anything available for sale from local and national sellers online. Shop around, be patient and negotiate the best price to ensure you get the best bargains every time you buy something second hand.


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