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Help: On this page we will show you how you can quickly and easily create an advert on Free Ads UK to advertise any item for sale, local business, product or service in the UK.


How to create a classified ad on Free Ads UK

Follow the instructions below for help with creating your advert, or jump straight to:

  1. Register & Log in
  2. Adding advert details
  3. Adding Images
  4. Save & Publish


Register & Log in

Before you can create or edit an advert you will need to have registered an account and logged in to the Free Ads UK website.


When you log in you will see the advert upgrades page which offers you the chance to either create a free "basic" advert, or buy a premium advert upgrade package, as displayed below:


advert upgrades


1. Select "No Thanks - I'll create a basic advert" if you'd prefer not to upgrade your advert.

2. Select an upgrade options (there are more options down the "Upgrade your advert" page) to create a premium advert.



Create your advert

The "Create a new advert" page is a form which you should complete as best as you can (some of the form is compulsary), giving details of your advertised item, the location and images.


If you're not sure what to put in each section there is a help button, as detailed below:


add item help


1. Hover your mouse cursor (or tab on a phone or tablet) over the "?" for more information on what to put in each field.




We always recommend you include images with your advert, for a few reasons. If your advert has at least one image it will appear on the homepage under "Latest Adverts". Images also help potential customers get a good understanding of the item you are advertising. Images will help you get more enquiries and a faster sale.


To add images to your advert you will need to upload them while creating your advert. You can do this by either:


add item images


1. Drag and dropping the images in to the box for images or

2. Click the "Find Photos" button to browse your computer, phone or tablet PC for suitable images to go with your advert.



Saving and publishing the advert


add item save


1. Once you've completed the form and are happy with your advert you can click "Save" to publish the advert. If you have selected any upgrading options then you will need to make payment via PayPal before the advert will appear live. If you have not selected any upgrade options then your advert will be live about 1 minute after clicking save.


You also have the option to "Preview" your advert before setting it live - Click the preview button to see exactly how your advert will appear. Remember to click "save" once you're happy with your advert or it will not be published and it will not be saved for later.


You also have the option to cancel your advert - Clicking "Cancel" here will delete the advert and any information you have provided within the new advert form.


For more information please read the website Terms and Conditons for advertisers and buyers.