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Got a lot of stuff around the home and garage to sell? Here's how to hold an online garage sale and make some money. It's easier than you might think to clear your garage or junk...

Online Garage Sales and Clearances

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We all aquire a lot of stuff over the years that seems to end up clogging up the shelves and corners of our garages. It's usually stuff we bought with good intentions or purchased and used only once or twice.


This stuff builds up and there eventually comes a point where we find ourselves needing a clear-out. It's harder now than ever to throw away things which have any sort of value, so selling the old stuff becomes the best option; clearing the garage space and making some extra money along they way. 


Opening an online shop seems like a bit of an extreme way to go about selling your stuff. The expense of building a website and then arranging the sales, it all stinks of hassle and cost. There's a much easier way and it can be done in a similar way to having your own website, but for just a few pounds.


The best solution is to advertise all your items in one place where your "online garage sale" visitors can brose through your items and if they see something they like they can contact you to buy it.


icLocal offer subscription plans for exactly this scenario. A subscription plan allows you to create multiple premium classified ads which are all linked together through your profile page. So you can list all the stuff from your garage sale in one place. Here's how to do it:


The right place to sell more than 1 or 2 items

There are a few ways to sell your stuff online, and if you only have 1 or 2 things to sell then you've probably found solutions in the past like eBay or another classified ads website.

The difference here is that you'll probably have several items to sell and there's a good chance you'll keep finding more things to sell and want to keep adding new items to your online garage sale.


Create an account and start selling today

You'll need:

  • An account with
  • A PayPal account
  • The subscription fee (from £3)
  • Some photos and descriptions for your items (this can be done later)


First of all, if you haven't done so already you'll need to create an account on icLocal, which you can do here:

Create an account


Once you've created your account head over to the login page where you'll be able to sign up to a subscription plan. Choose your subscription plan depending on how many items you're likely to have for sale. Different plans have different options so you'll want to have a good look at the items you'll be selling and guage an idea. icLocal's subscription plans include 1, 5, 25, 100 or unlimited ads and the plans start at under £3.


You'll need a PayPal account to pay for your subscription. Once you've subscribed there's nothing else to pay so you can start selling your items without the worry of additional expendature.


Now that you've created your account and signed up to a subscription plan you can start selling your items. Take some photos and create adverts for each item that you want to sell. Remember, the more information you provide in the adverts the more chance of a quick sale.


Once you've added a few items load up one of the adverts on the website.


On the right-hand-side of the advert (next to the image(s) you'll see a link to your profile. Clicking on the link will take you over to your page which lists all your items for sale. This option isn't available on standard ads and gives you the chance to share your page of stuff for sale with friends and family on social media sites.


Copy the profile page link (the 'URL' or web address) and share it on Facebook, Twitter and any other social media pages to show off your garage sale.


Before long you'll have enquiries coming through from people wanting to buy your bargain garage clearance items and you can start pocketing the money and clearing the space.



Sign up to icLocal today - Get the best price for your second hand stuff - Sign up free and create free classified ads online now.



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