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There's always room for a little more holiday spends to make it all the more fun to splash out on your annual getaway - So here's a few great ways to make some extra money to take with you without breaking a sweat...


holiday spending money


Where will you be looking for stuff you can sell around your home?



Making extra holiday spending money

You don't need to go far to find great and easy ways to make some extra money and at this time of year it's the ideal way to gather funds for your summer travels.


A quick look around your home, under the bed and even sometimes on the driveway - You'll find items that you no longer have a use for that can quickly and easily be sold online.


Selling anything you longer want, need or use can generate extra money and make your holiday that much more fun!



What sells well

Just about everything has a value and there will be a buyer out there for any item you have to sell.


Below we will go through the obvious and easiest items to find and sell online to get that money together selling to local people who are looking for exactly what you have to sell.

There's no need to look at popular trends or try and source items for cheap so that you can sell them on at a higher price. Items you already have linguring and gathering dust in your wardrobe, cupboards, attick or shed can quickly be advertised and sold.



Have a good look around your home

Under the stairs you'll find shoes, coats, unused work clothing or even that old hoover that you never use anymore. Those items all have value and lets face it; if you're not using them at all any more then they are only taking up space and could cover the cost of a hearty meal out on your holiday or some new swimwear or other clothing while you're away.


Similarly your attick, the back of the wardrobe, kitchen cupboards, garages and sheds could all be holding on to items which you could sell on and make extra money with. Here's what to look out for:



In the attick

If your attick is anything like mine there will be allsorts up there which for some reason I cling on to knowing that I will never use. A recent rummage through my loft space unearthed a couple of old computers, a laptop, some fishing equipment and a suitcase, all of which have been replaced with newer items. With none of these in use any more the only thing to do was to advertise them for sale and let someone else get use from them.


The computers would be good for parts, the laptop was still fully functional so would continue it's life along with the fishing equipment and the suitcase could also be of use to someone else.




Used clothing which is still in good condition is always of use to someone else. Price tags for used clothing may be low but when you sell a few items the money soon stacks up.


Designer clothing will attract a great interest as well as designer shoes, childrens clothing and workwear.



In the Kitchen Cupboards

There are utilities and untencils in the kitchen cupboards which you haven't used, possibly for several years, and will certainly be of interest to a buyer. Items which you may have replaced with a newer replacement like an iron, toaster or kettle will be of great value to anyone moving in to their first home, students heading off to University or anyone who needs a cheap replacement quickly.

The garage and shed

Garages and sheds are a great place to have a clear out. Garden appliances like lawnmowers, hedge trimmers or strimmers sell very well on the used market.


You may also have car parts, gardening equipment, cleaning items and other common shed and garage stuff will have a great value to someone and being able to offer these items at cut down prices in order to raise funds for your holiday will get a great response from buyers.




So if you are looking to make some extra pocket money then have a good look around your home. You may find it useful to clear a space somewhere where you can gather everything that you want to sell.


Having everything in one place will make it easy for you to assess what you're selling, quickly take photographs of your items and post them for sale online to raise that money and take extra cash with you on your holidays.



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