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The Review: Are Huawei phones really any good? We review Huawei as a brand and phone manufacturer along with the build quality of their latest phones which are taking the UK by storm.

In the summer of 2016 I was hearing a lot of news from a brand I had only previously related with mobile broadband dongle. Now we're in to 2018 and not only do I proudly own a Huawei phone but they really seem to be booming...

A recognisable brand but not especially for their quality. So are the latest phones from Huawei actually any good should we be looking at Huawei's as heavily feature packed, unreliable and short-life phones with a buy cheap, buy twice attitude?


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  • Get the honest Huawei phones review
  • Read about Huawei's battery life, screen quality and software
  • Find out about the company from Chinese roots to European headquaters
  • What can we expect from Huawei in the future?


Huawei have crept in to the mobile phone market quickly and with real strength, offering up the Huawei Mate 8 and P8 models which both offered impressive specifications along with powerful cameras and plenty of other features which parallel the brand with the top-end likes of Samsung's Galaxy range and the latest iPhones. These phones have been succeeded by the P9 range which have seriously stepped the company up to offering a really competitive range with price tags to attract just about anyone. Great! But are Huawei phones actually any good are are these cheap gimmicks which are actually limited by performance?


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The Review

Huawei Phones ReviewIn 2016 Huawei introduced the P9 model of phone with 3 variations - The P9, the P9 Lite and the P9 plus. All of the phones offer specifications on par (and often stronger than) Samsung's 2016 flagship model, the Galaxy S7. Huawei's P9 and P9 Plus both feature a dual 12 megapixel camera which is, in my opinion, the best camera available in a phone to date. A reinforced glass screen, loads of ram, Android 6 (upgraded to Android 7), 5.5 inch IPS Neo screen... On paper it's all really impressive and the in-the-hand they do not dissapoint. A premium look and feel! So on first glance the phones are attractive - Pick one up and you'll feel the premium metal phone housing and the bright IPS screen will lure you to learn more about functionality.


It didn't take long for mobile phone shoppers to take notice and with the lower price tags all around (when compared to the Samsung's and iPhones) customers have been quick to snap up these phones.


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Hands on

Huawei phones hands onHuawei phones perform really well - No lag to be noticed at all, a very clean and user-friendly interface and the handsets always feel premium and solid. The P9 lite offers just 16GB internal memory (expandable with micro SD) and with Android 6 on board there's still a healthy 7GB of space on the phone for apps. So once Facebook, Whatsapp, Messenger, and all my other favourite apps as well as photos and music are on board I don't find myself having to choose an app to uninstall if I want to download something new.


The Huawei company are showing real attention to detail with regards the design of their handsets. Avoiding gimmicky curved screens or making out that every human's thumbs are all the same size, we see Huawei phones taking in to account just about everything that's proving important to the people that matter; the customer. Screen size is optimal at 5.5 inches. Smaller just seems to small nowadays and any bigger would throw it straight in to the "phablet" market. Too big.


Apps and games are having to become more resource intensive in order to keep up with our day-to-day demands and Huawei are using processors which are future proof, along with building in more than enough ram, we're getting phones from Huawei which are powerful enough to see you comfortably through your 24 month contract.


Huawei Battery Life

Huawei phones battery lifeBattery life is outstanding - This really is somewhere Huawei could have cut corners but instead have chosen to excel and provide us with real quality technology. From my Samsung which I am use to having to charge at least twice per day from heavy use, the Huawei P9 is lasting the course, ending the day with around 20% battery life still in-tact.


It really is a see-for-yourself game here - If you're struggling with your phone's battery life now, especially iPhone users who have become accustom to carrying a charger with them everywhere they go just to see the day out, Huawei have spent some serious time and money building handsets which perform continuously and with my P9 phone I am now, for the first time in many years, happy to go out for the day without the worry of running out of juice. And this is without the aid of gimmicky apps or super power saving modes, it's just the phone working well all of the time.


Screen Quality and Durability

Huawei P9 ScreensShop carefully with this - The P9 and P9 Plus have been manufactured with excellent reinforced capacitive IPS Neo multi touch screens which perform perfectly and offer real strength and responsiveness. The P9 lite model has a standard IPS screen which although still offers brilliant clarity and performance, the P9 Lite's screen is weaker and considerably less likely to survive a fall of much magnitude.


So the first thing to do is just what you'd do with any other phone, spend a few quid on a glass screen protector and a case to protect the phone. Carefully apply the screen protector to your P9 lite, slap it in to the new case and you've got yourself a phone that's as safe and secure as any other phone. Thumbs up.


Pre-Installed Skins and Software

This is somewhere else where Huawei are moving forward leaps-and-bounds. Their Android skin offers a few standard cache-cleaning and office apps which are brilliant along with a user-interface which seems to combine the best of both the familiar Samsung and iPhone's offerings. No major bloatware to report, unlike what is found on the phones of other Chinese manufacturers.


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The Brand: Huawei

Huawei logo 2016Huawei have offices in the Netherlands and are a Chinese technology developer who have crept out of the darkness to introduce their offerings. This is in-line with the other high-end brand manufacturers who have offices in one location and actually manufacture their products in another. Even the likes of Apple manufacture their mobile phones in China with Samsung and HTC in South Korea, the far east is far more cost effective although the savings are only really reflected in the retail prices of Huawei phones.


The brand really stepped it up in 2016 by introducing a range of Android operated mobile phones which are not just packed with technology which edges ahead of most other manufacturers, but does it well. Huawei have simply ingnored the reputation of unreliablity from other Chinese brands and created a name which although is somewhat unpronouncable to many, really does mean quality. From the product to the software, Huawei (try saying "who are way", that's just about right) are progessing forwards very quickly with a product which asks the competitors to step up.


Unlike LG or HTC who have seen intermittant successes and now seem to loiter in the middle of the road producing handsets which offer much-the-same as anyone else, Huawei are developing, learning and piecing quality new technology together in a way which is grabbing the attention of more and more quality lovers.


I for one, really admire what Huawei are doing and I look forward to seeing where the company go with their flagship handsets for 2018 onwards. It's exciting to know that new tech will be introduced and what's already great about the phones they create will be improved and moved forward. It's not gimmicky, it's real quality tech.



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