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Looking for alternatives to the iPhone X phone? Apple iPhone X's are a premium mobile released in September 2017 to celebrate 10 years of the iPhone, but with prices starting from £999 (that's £1 shy of a cool grand) we look at cheaper alternatives with an equal or better spec...


Apple iPhone X Alternatives

The best Apple iPhone X alternatives


Find the best and most pocket-friendly alternatives to the iPhone X:

  • Save a packet every month
  • Get all the features you want with a pricetag you like
  • Phones that you can show off just as much as the iPhone alternative


While the Apple iPhone X can produce some very impressive stats and promises excellent performance under the hood - There are a great few cheaper alternatives out there.


New handsets released from some of the best mobile manufacturers on the market today can give you all the features you want from a phone at a considerably more competitive price.


More often than not you'll find you get a lot more of the latest innovation too. Here's our thoughts for your ideal alternatives to the iPhone:



1. Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Expect to pay: around £57.99 p/m from EE

Comparison: 6.3" infinity "Edge" display, improved S-pen, dual camera, Bixby assistant

Our thoughts

We absolutely love the Samsung Galaxy Note8. With a 6.3” Infinity Display, 12 MP dual lens camera and super-sensitive S Pen; it’s no surprise that this gem from Samsung takes the number 1 spot. We're just scratching the surface with the sleek design and effortless processing power of the handset. It's the perfect alternative with a very realistic price tag.

 Buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 from: EE | O2 | Vodafone



2. Pixel XL by Google

Pixel XL Phone by Google

Expect to pay: around £37.99 p/m from EE

Comparison: Google Assistant, unlimited storage, smart photos, fast charge

 Our thoughts

The power of Google at your fingertips! The Google Pixel XL phone's noteable offerings include a comfortable 5.5" QHD screen, 12.3MP camera, super-fast charging and a bottomless memory which utilises cloud storage to ensure your phone memory is never full. A premium handset from a global brand with outstanding features... All at around half the price of the iPhone X.

 Buy the Google Pixel XL from: EE from £37.99 p/m



3. OnePlus 5

OnePlus 5 Phone

Expect to pay: around £41.99 p/m from O2

Comparison: 20mp dual camera, superfast charging, sleek curvy design

 Our thoughts

As a relative newcomer to the market, OnePlus recently released their fifth offering to the mobile world and it's really standing out. The dual camera offers outstanding quality and depth in photographs and superfast charing means you get a day's worth of power in half-an-hour. Add this to a 5.5" screen and a very cool design and you've got a brilliant alternative to the modern masses.

 Buy the OnePlus 5 from: O2 from £41.99 p/m



4. Huawei P10

Huawei P10

Expect to pay: around £32.00 p/m from Vodafone

Comparison: Leica lens dual camera, intelligent processor, micro-diamond finish

Our thoughts

This really should be in first place. As I write this I wonder how I'm going to pack all it's features in... My best suggestion is that you click the link and see the specifications for yourself. It's a solid, powerful, feature-packed handset that simply won't let you down in any area. And what's more it's the cheapest on the list. What are you waiting for? Check out the Vofafone Huawei P10.

 Buy the Huawei P10 from: Vodafone from £32.00 p/m



5. Apple iPhone 8

Apple iPhone 8

Expect to pay: around £44.00 p/m from Vodafone

Comparison: All-glass design, waterproof, wireless charging, retina HD display

Our thoughts

It would have been rude of us not to include an iPhone in these choices and we're being fair to include Apple's latest offering: The iPhone 8. A brand new design which includes an all-glass design and the long awaited wireless charging. This is a stand-out phone for any iPhone lover and it can be snapped up at a reasonable price too - From just £44 from Vodafone UK...

Buy the iPhone 8 from: Vodafone from £44.00 p/m



Find your cheaper alternative...

As you can see - Your options for alternatives are great and manufacturers are releasing phones with outstanding specifications at the moment. We've picked out our favourites to demonstrate that iPhone X alternatives are readily available at some very affortable prices from the top UK networks.


If you're not seeing the phone you want then why not have a browse through the shop of your preferred network provider and see what other alternatives you can find?


Here's our favourite shops to get a great mobile deal:


Pick your favourite from the phones above and get the best phone features, considerably cheaper than the circa one-thousand-pound iPhone X.


Buying a handset outright?


Create an account and advertise your old phone today - Free up some cash from your used handset and put it towards a quality protective case for your penny saving alternative to the heavy price tag of the iPhone X.


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