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Want to know how I get a huge load of mobile data, minutes and texts for £1 per week? Below I show you the easy steps to getting your phone deal for just £1 per week. No catch! I'm now getting over 1GB of data a month, 120+ minutes and 140+ texts every month from EE. Here's how you're going to spend your next fiver...

1 pound per month phone


My phone costs me £1 per week and I get more than enough data, calls and texts


Hi I'm Sarah, a blogger here at About 10 months ago I found this trick with EE which means I now pay £1 per week for my phone (that's less than a fiver a month) and in return I get:

  • 200mb data (just about 1GB per month)
  • 30 minutes a week (over 2 hours of calls a month)
  • 35 texts a week (plenty - but who texts anymore anyway?!)


Why is this the right offer?

Initially I got this deal on the basis that most of the time I'm somewhere where there is Wifi, so data was only for browsing on the rare occasion that I did not have wifi and calls and texts were rarely outgoing as most people tend to call me.

That's perfect for me. What I didn't realise at the time was that every 3 months EE would boost the initial calls, data or texts with a considerable amount more. So as long as I was paying the token £1 per week, every 3 months I get loads more on my bundle.

£5 every 5 weeks now gets me more than I ever need and I don't even think about running out of minutes. Even if I do run out they get renewed every 7 days so I get more!


So how do you get this deal?

It's easy really. You need to head over to the EE website and order yourself a free sim card, making sure you select the right deal. I've put some screenshots below to help you get the exact deal as I have. 

There are other deals on the website which you may prefer but to get the very best from this I think the £1 Data Bundle is the way to go for sure!


Step 1:

Click here to go to the below page on EE's site and select your budget as £5.

EE 1 Sim Diag 1



Step 2:

The page will change to the one below, asking you which pack you want. Select the £1 data pack for this deal!

EE 1 Sim Diag 2



Step 3:

Head over to the checkout button and enter the required details to order your sim card.

EE will ask you for £5 for this deal. The fiver is for your credit, which will be used as your first 5 weeks of £1 packs. It really is that simple!

EE 1 Sim Diag 3



You're now one of the savviest mobile phone users in the Country, paying just £1 per week for a mobile phone sim deal bundle which contract phone users will pay over £25 a month for, and often even more. Well done you!


Head over to the EE website now and grab this deal before they do something crazy like change it...



Get the sim card and start using it

As soon as you recieve your sim card pop-it in to your handset. When you make your first phone call, send a text or use data EE will activate your £1 deal. The first pound will come from your £5 credit and you'll get your minutes, texts and data to use as you please.


Want to keep your phone number?

If you're switching from another sim card it might be helpful to keep your phone number. In this case you'll need to contact your existing provider (whoever the sim card is with) and get your PAC code, which you can then pass over to EE who will port your phone number over to your new bargain sim card.

Head here with your PAC code to ask EE to port your number over: EE Number Porting


Is this the right deal for you?

I'm quite a heavy phone user, checking things on my phone contantly through various apps like Facebook, Twitter, Google's webmaster apps and the internet browser, and I am yet to use all my data in a week.

You still might feel that this is not the deal for you and you need a little more - In this case have a look at some of the other very cheap deals from EE's pay-as-you-go sim cards. Or, alternatively I've added some links below for other network's sim only deals which you may find equally as useful:




Other Sim only offers from around the web:


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