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Are you a motor trader looking for a quicker and easier way to advertise cars online? Advertising and selling cars using classified ads can offer the perfect solution to help you sell cars quickly online and advertising cars is easier than you might think.


Anyone selling anything is always looking for quicker and easier ways of doing things and selling cars online is no different. As a motor trader you probably find it an inconvenience to have to keep deleting and creating new car classified ads every time you get new stock or you sell a car. There are easier ways to do this...


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Our easy to use car classified ads website gives you the perfect platform to sell your cars online. And we gather just the important information from you so creating an ad is quick and easy. Make a classified and advertise your vehicle for sale today on


What are motor trade classifieds

A classified ad for motor traders only needs to be slightly different than a car classified for a private seller, with traders obliged to identify themselves as motor traders on their advert and/or profile.

Private sellers do not need to offer motor trade services and so can sell vehicles "sold as seen" without any legal obligation.

Free car classifieds are available to all private sellers - Business sellers and anyone wanting a premium ad can choose a subscription plan when you log in to your free account - Premium accounts also offer advanced features compared to free ads so don't feel like you're missing out. Premium ads get additional exposure and many more features.

Car classified ads and other motor advertising sites have been popular ever since the days when the back-pages of newspapers would be filled with small square blocks of classified ads. Nowadays things are a little different with classified ads being freely availably online and UK websites like Free Ads UK offering car classified ads with photographs so you can advertise online instantly and you could sell your car within just a few minutes. No more waiting for a newspaper to go to press!


How do I post a car classified advert?

Creating your own classified ad to sell your car is simple...

  • If you don't already have a free account with Free Ads UK you can create an account here.
  • Once you have an account you can login and create car classified ads which will appear on the website instantly. All you need is some details about your item or service and preferrably some photographs too.



What Subscription Plans are available?

Free - Free ads are available to private sellers only and offer 1 free classified ad at a time. If you require more than one ad at once or are a business seller then you will need to consider an alternative plan.

Premium - The Premium plan is designed for private and business sellers who only need 1 advert but want to get the very best from it. Premium ads run longer, include more images and offer you additional exposure across the website to encourage more enquiries and a faster sale.


Top tips:


  1. Write a good, clear and concise advert title and description of your car
  2. Show clear photographs of the car in good light
  3. Provide your contact details - Make sure the buyer can get in touch
  4. Be open and honest about the good and bad points around your car
  5. When an advert needs to be removed simply de-activate the advert. When you have another car to advertise you can edit the old advert saving you having to re-enter your business details etc in the ad. Save time, save money, sell more!




Don't forget about the little extras that might make your car more appealing than a similar vehicle someone else might be selling. Automatic lights, rain sensors, climate control and leather seats are all features that make any car more comfortable and therefor more appealing but then again air conditioning is not a standard feature so if you have it, include it in your description. Are all your bulbs working? Are the electrics OK? Have you recently had major service parts replaced? These are important to any buyer and buying your car will save them money in the short and long term.


Now create your free classified advert...

You can create a classified ad to sell you car, van, motorhome or other vehicle online today: +Post new advert 


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