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Recycling, upcycling and freecycling... What is it and how can it save you money and create a little class from something otherwise unwanted. It's in no way complicated...

freecycle and recycling

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There's a revolution taking place and you might not have even noticed.

It's called upcycling, and it involves taking something old, unwanted or damaged from the "freecycle" and creating something even better with it.


Classified Check the classified ads, have a look in charity shops, scrap yards, car boot sales... There are plenty of places to source items for free or next to nothing, see our free items.


Once you've found your item it's time to get dig out the tools and get dirty. Decide what you want to create, have a look online at what other's have created or what's popular and see what you can do to turn your disowned item in to treasure.


Some great examples of freecycling usually come from furniture. Furniture can look worn and tatty, especially sofas which have had a lot of use or a chest of drawers where some of the wood needs replacing. These can be turned in to amazing shabby chic furniture with very little cost and not a great deal of effort.


It's all about using your imagination - Anything which does not require electricity or isn't battery operated can be restored easily by anyone. 


So don't let your neighbours throw away that old wardrobe - Grab it (ask nicely first!), repair it, paint it up and offer it for sale in the classifieds. You might find yourself making a good amount of money from freecycling in no time.



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