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Do you want to find out how to sell your car quickly online, and for free? Selling your vehicle online can be achieved quick and easily by advertising it in the right place, and private sellers can advertise their car completely free.


UK classified advert websites are the best way to sell your car quickly and free car classifieds websites give you a way of showcasing your vehicle to an audience of 1000's of potential buyers online immediately.


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Where can I sell my car?

Our easy to use car classified ads website ( gives you the perfect platform to sell your car quickly online; advertising your car on Free Ads UK is completely free for private sellers and can help you get the best price for your car, easily. Make a classified and advertise your vehicle for sale today on and create the perfect ad with these easy-to-follow tips...

We've outlined all the information you'll need to understand why you'd use classified ads to advertise your vehicle, as well as how to create your classified ad to encourage more buyers and get the very best price for your car.



What are free car classified ads?

A classified advert for cars is a quick and simple advertisement online which displays your car with photos, a detailed description and gets your car for sale out to a massive audience of potential buyers.

Free car classifieds are available to all private sellers - Business sellers and anyone wanting a premium ad can choose a subscription plan when you log in to your free account.

Car classified ads and other motor advertising sites have been popular ever since the days when the back-pages of newspapers would be filled with small square blocks of classified ads. Nowadays things are a little different with classified ads being freely availably online and UK websites like offering free car classified ads with photographs so you can advertise online instantly and you could sell your car within just a few minutes. No more waiting for a newspaper to go to press!


How do I post a car classified advert?

Creating your own classified ad to sell your car is simple...

  • If you don't already have a free account with Free Ads UK you can create an account here.
  • Once you have an account you can login and create car classified ads which will appear on the website instantly. All you need is some details about your item or service and preferrably some photographs too.

An important point to remember is to making sure you are the valid owner of the vehicle. Check car finance and other restrictions on the sale of your vehicle so you don't get caught out later. See: Selling your car.


Here's how to sell your car quickly online:


  1. Write a good, clear and concise advert title and description of your car
  2. Show clear photographs of the car in good light
  3. Provide your contact details - Make sure the buyer can get in touch
  4. Be open and honest about the good and bad points around your car


A classified advert is a quick and easy way to sell stuff online or offer services locally or across the UK. Creating a classified that will help you sell your product or service doesn't need to be too complicated either - Just follow a few easy steps to ensure your advert attracts customers who already have the cash to buy what you're selling, and they get a comprehensive idea of exactly what condition they can expect to find your vehicle in when they come to view.

So just including the make, model, estimated mileage and a brief overview of the car's condition like "good runner, tidy for it's age, no knocks or bangs", go in to detail about every aspect of the interior, exterior and everything in between:


1. A good title and description - In the title of your advert briefly write exactly what it is you're selling. For example when selling a car write the make, model, engine size, colour, mileage and location. This will be enough to get potential buyers to click your ad with interest.

The detailed description (sometimes referred to as the "long description" or just "Description" is where you really sell the vehicle. By the time your potential customer has got to this section they have established the car is one they are looking for and the overview of details suits them well. Now they need to know that the overall condition of the vehicle is to a standard that they are prepared to part with their money for. And remember that you are likely to be asking for thousands if not several thousand pounds for your vehicle so a few minutes being open and honest about the vehicle's condition and any wear and tear is a drop in the ocean compared to actually selling your car for cash.

Go from the front to the back of the car, the top to the bottom and inside out to make sure you give details of what's good and what's bad. The more information you can give the better. If the car has electric windows, front fog lights, lots of wear remaining on the tyres, no rust, no car park dinks etc, these are all great points. Is there any marks on the upholstry inside the car or Vehicle? Is it push-button start? There's plenty to write about.


2. Photographs - Photographs are the easiest way to grab any potential buyers interest. More photographs means more showing off your item. If you're selling a car then photos all around the inside and outside will gather much more interest than one photo of the front. Close up photographs of the car's imperfections let the buyers know that you're honest and you aren't trying to hide bad points from them.

The best performing photographs of cars, vans and other vehicles include:

  • A full 360 digree view of the exterior - Walk around the vehicle and take photos all the way around, about 5 or 6 photographs should be enough
  • Clear photos of an empty boot
  • Clear photos of the back seats (free of clutter)
  • Clear photos of the front seats and dashboard. Try to include the central console and steering wheel area. The buyer is likely to be the driver and they want to know what their view from the driver's seat inside the car will be like!


3. Contact details - Make it as easy as possible for potential buyers to get hold of you. Offer at least one method of contact and this should be a contact method which we are all familiar with. The ideal contact method is a telephone number which can be called any time of day, accompanied by an email address which customers can contact you on if they cant get to a telephone right away. Other options include:


  • A landline or mobile phone number in the UK which can be called at allocated times of day
  • An email address which you monitor and can reply to quickly
  • Facebook messenger, whatsapp or other popular social media communcation apps - These aren't ideal but offer a good alternative if you cannot provide a phone number or email address.



Don't forget about the little extras that might make your car more appealing than a similar vehicle someone else might be selling. Automatic lights, rain sensors, climate control and leather seats are all features that make any car more comfortable and therefor more appealing but then again air conditioning is not a standard feature so if you have it, include it in your description. Are all your bulbs working? Are the electrics OK? Have you recently had major service parts replaced? These are important to any buyer and buying your car will save them money in the short and long term.


You have now put together an excellent car classified ad which will grab the attention of potential buyers. A few good points to really push your chances of successfully selling your car are:

  • Be polite and professional - Anyone that contacts you via your car classified ad is a customer and should be treated with respect and good manners
  • If you want to sell your car or vehicle quickly consider utilising upgrade and promotion options to get your ad infront of more people. This can also help you get a better price for your motor.


Be honest in your advert

How to quickly sell cars onlineFalsely claiming that an car you are selling is in perfect condition when infact it is scratched or chipped will backfire - The customer will visit you with the intention of buying your car and then leave without purchasing because they were expecting something that wasn't true.

Be honest, describe accurately and where possible take photographs to show potential buyers any marks or damage on the car. Anyone who then contacts you to puchase is aware of any imperfections and is more likely to pay your asking price for your car and drive away!


Now create your free classified advert...

You can create a classified ad to sell you car, van, motorhome or other vehicle online today: +Post new advert 


Classified ads for cars on Free Ads UK are free for private sellers, with premium advertising available if you chose to use it. Business and commercial advertisers can chose a subscription plan starting at just £1.50. The website offers very strong authority in search engines which means your advert will get more views than it would on most other classified sites and that in turn means you stand a much better chance of selling your vehicle. With nothing to lose, add your vehicle for sale today.

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