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Are you looking to find out how to sell your house privately without an estate agent? There are a few things you need to do but the savings can far outweigh the legwork for selling your house on your own...

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With the cost of selling your house through an estate agent growing and £1000's to be saved on fee's by selling your house privately, we look at your options and how to get everything you need to sell your house yourself.

First things first, to sell your house privately without an estate agent you need to make sure the price is right and the legal stuff is all in order. Follow our points below and you will be saving big money quickly.


Get an accurate market value price for your property

The price-tag you put on your property advert needs to be accurate or your make one of 2 mistakes; you'll sell your house far too cheap and lose money or you'll over price the property and never get a single enquiry.

HYour house is valued on a few factors including size, location, the general condition as well as other points like the local amenities, number of bedrooms, size of the property's footprint as well as many others.

Check out Zoopla for information on properties for sale and coming up for sale soon, for information that can lead you to a good valuation for your own property.


Get an EPC - Energy Performance Certificate

The property EPC is a vital document which provides prospective buyers with detailed information about the environmental impact of the property which gives details of:

  • How efficiently a home uses energy
  • The cost of running a home
  • Recommendations on how to improve the energy efficiency of a property

A registered energy assessor is needed to compile the EPC certificate for you. Have a look on the Government's Register of EPC Assessors website for a local Energy Performance Certificate assessor near you.


Advertise your property online and anywhere that you can

Knowing the best places to advertise your property for sale is crucial to generating interested buyers and achieving the best sale price for your house.

Advertising your house online has never been easier and here's a website where you can do so for free, Create an advert to sell your house online and remember to include as much information as possible within the details like:

  • Number of bedrooms
  • Number of bathrooms/toilets
  • The qualities of the house's location
  • The measurements of the important rooms and the garden or outdoor space
  • The heating system
  • Include information about recently completed work which is beneficial to buyers (like new electrical wiring or plumbing)
  • Double glazing etc...

Paying a small fee for advertising in printed media like local newspapers as well as placing an ad on advert boards in supermarkets and other local shops can also help with generating viewings for your house.


Arrange viewings

Your advertising will need to include personal contact details like your home telephone number as well as a mobile number and email address. It's best to make sure that you're easy to get hold of as often as possible and make yourself flexible to accomodate viewings from potential buyers throughout the day.

Ensure your property is neat and tidy for every viewing - Minimise clutter and create a welcoming aroma and atmosphere to ensure your prospective buyers feel comfortable and relaxed while they view your property.

Be comfortable with talking to the viewing party - They are likely to ask you questions about all aspects of your house. Try to fill silences with other useful information about the property and the surrounding amenities. Be positive, polite and as helpful as possible.

You may want to consider ensuring that more than one person is present for the viewing to ensure your own security as well as avoiding leaving any viewer alone at any time.


Negotiate a sales price

Before entering in to negotiations with a prospective buyer you should have decided on the absolute lowest price you will accept for the house. Be sure to stick to this as your lowest price, declining any lower offers. Remember, you can always go back to a prospective buyer later and re-enter negotiations regarding an offer you have declined.

Once you have agreed a selling price with your house buyer you can then approach a solictor to formally agree the selling price and begin the process of transferring the ownership of your house and aquiring the payment on your behalf.

Solicitors fees will vary from one to another and will also depend on the complexity of the sale. You should approach more than one solicitor to get the best price from a solictor you are comfortable working through the house sale with.



Overall you will have worked very hard to sell your property. Don't let this put you off though - The financial rewards of selling your property are great and you can use the money you have saved to do great things with your new home!


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