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If you're looking to sell something online then using classified ads websites in the UK is usually the best way to go. Classifieds offer a free way of selling cars, property, clothes or anything you have to sell by advertising them easily and locally and here we show you how to maximise your results.


UK classified ads websites give you a cheap or often free way to sell stuff to local people, or advertise across the UK with just a few clicks and some photos of the item you're selling.


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On our website we've made it as easy as possible to post classified ads in the UK, to help you sell anything from a car to a coffee table or even place personal ads online or advertise your local trade. Classified ads are free on and it only takes a few minutes before your advert is live and selling.


What are classified ads?

A classified advert is a quick and simple advertisement of something you have for sale or something you want to give away, want to swap, something you have to rent or a service you have to offer. A classified ad online can offer photographs, description of the product or service and the price and location, making it easy for potential buyers to find your item or service and then contact you to express their interest in buying it from you.

Classified ads have been popular ever since the days when the back-pages of newspapers would be filled with small square blocks of classified ads all categorised. Nowadays things are a little different with classified ads being freely availably online and UK websites like FreeAdsUK offering free classified ads with photographs so you can advertise online instantly and you could sell your item within just a few minutes. No more waiting for a newspaper to go to press!


How do I post a classifed ad?

Creating your own classified ad is simple - If you don't already have a free account with FreeAdsUK you can create one here. Once you have an account you can login and create classified ads which will appear on the website instantly. All you need is some details about your item or service and preferrably some photographs too.


What's the best way to write a classifed ad?

A classified advert is a quick and  easy way to sell stuff online or offer services locally or across the UK. Creating a classified that will help you sell your product or service doesn't need to be too complicated either - Just follow a few easy steps:


1. A good title and description - In the title of your advert briefly write exactly what it is you're selling. For example if you're selling a car write the make, model, engine size, colour, mileage and location. This will be enough to get potential buyers to click your ad with interest.


2. Photographs - Photographs are the easiest way to grab any potential buyers interest. More photographs means more showing off your item. If you're selling a car or have a property to let then photos all around the inside and outside will gather much more interest than one photo of the front.


3. Contact details - Make it as easy as possible for potential buyers to get hold of you. Offer at least one method of contact. Below we have detailed the contact methods which gain the best responses in order of popularity:

  1. A local or mobile phone number which can be called anytime
  2. A landline or mobile number which can be texted or called during certain hours
  3. Social media or communication apps like whatsapp or facebook messenger
  4. An email address - Remember, emails need to be replied to quickly or your customer(s) will shop elsewhere

If you can offer more than one of the above in your advert then response rates are likely to be higher.


Be honest in your advert

Falsely claiming that an item you are selling is in perfect condition when infact it is scratched or chipped will backfire - The customer will visit you with the intention of buying your item and then leave without purchasing because they were expecting something that wasn't true.

Be honest, describe accurately and where possible take photographs to show potential buyers any marks or damage on the item. Anyone who then contacts you to puchase is aware of any imperfections and is more likely to pay your asking price.


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