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Are you selling used furniture? Find out what furniture sells well and how you should sell it. Some of your used furniture will sell really well if the advert is well written and the price is right...

Selling used furniture online

Selling used furniture online


If you've got used furniture that you're getting rid of which is still in decent condition then you can expect to get a reasonable price for the furniture on the 2nd-hand market.

Broken and badly degraded or defaced used furniture may struggle to sell and is often better off being disposed of but furniture items, especially those made of good quality materials like hard-wood (oak furniture, pine etc) are likely to last very well and can therefor be sold on for a good price.

What furniture do you have to sell? It's fair to say that one man's waste is another man's treasure and this can apply to furniture from throughout the home. The higher the new price of a furniture item the easier you will find it to gather interest from buyers. For example:

A sofa in reasonable condition which was £700 new can be advertised for sale for around £100-£200 and can be expected to sell quite quickly. A quicker sale will come for a lower price and if the sofa's condition is excellent then a higher price can be expected.


How to advertise used furniture for sale

There are a few places where used furniture can be advertised for sale including local newspapers, shop windows and online auctions and furniture classified ads.

Depending on the size of the used furniture you will more-than-likely prefer to advertise locally to ensure the buyer can collect the item from you. Big furniture like wardrobes and sofas will be difficult and expensive to send using a courier so local buyers will get the best deal.

Local newspapers - Advertising in your local paper will guarantee an audience for any furniture you have for sale. Remember that advertising in local papers is likely to carry a cost which will need to be factored in to any selling price which you agree.

Shop windows - Advertising furniture for sale in a shop window is easy - Write or print-out a flyer and ask the shop assistant to put it up for you. Some shops may charge a small fee so remember to factor any fee in to the price so you don't lose out.

Online auction websites - You can advertise on auction websites like eBay - You will need to sacrifice a fee of around 10% of the sale price as well as any PayPal fees for the sale so this is perhaps not the best route for cheap items. Remember, there's no guarantee of a sale here either so be prepared to forfeit any upfront costs.

Online classified ads websites - This is a great route to advertise locally as most furniture classified ads can be posted online free of charge nowadays. Try icLocal's used furinture classifieds for a free way of advertising locally or nationally.


How to put a price on second-hand furniture

The easiest way to price your used furniture is to look at other adverts selling similar items. You can compare the condition of their item to yours and quickly assume a good price before you advertise yours for sale. Remember to consider things like:

  • The overall condition and re-usability of the furinture
  • The demand for that type and style of furniture
  • It's original cost


How to transport used furniture once it's sold

The easiest solution is to ask the buyer to arrange collection. If you have the facility to offer local delivery (a large vehicle which the item will easily fit in to, as well as the strength required to remove and load the furniture) then you can offer local delivery as part of the sale.

In some cases, especially with large wardrobes, the item may need to be dismantled or partially dismantled in order to remove it from your property and safely transport it. Consider whether you will be prepared to do this yourself or if the buyer should arrange the people and tools to dismantle the furniture as part of the sale.


Popular furniture items which sell online

The most popular items to sell locally (or nationally if you can arrange the transportation and money transfers) at the moment on are:

  • Sofas and chairs - Sofas and arm-chairs can be very expensive to buy new and the time it takes for customers to find, order and receive sofas, chairs and suites can be off-putting, especially when customers are working to a tight budget. Used sofas can be found online at a considerable saving from the new price and when purchased from local sellers delivery can be quick.


  • Wardrobes - Large wardrobes made of quality materials like hard-wood offer a great long-lasting solution for buyers. Similar to sofas, 'new' prices for these items can be very high so the lower prices of used wardrobes in good condition offer a practical solution.


  • Dining tables and chairs - Dining suits, especially those manufactured from hard wood and in good condition sell well when advertised at a reasonable price. Dining tables are often easy to dismantle and can be transported in smaller vans making second hand tables and chairs an ideal offering for the used market.


  • Shabby chic - Shabby chic furniture is a popular choice at the moment. Fashion trends mean that traditional shabby chic furniture of all kinds sell well. Higher prices can be put on shabby chic furniture which is of an excellent quality with a funky traditional design.


Sell used furniture quickly and locally

The local market is by-far the best option for selling furniture. Local buyers will find it easy to collect items, often enlisting the help of a friend with a van to make it easy to collect large furnture items from you.

A quick sale can be achieved by offering the furniture at a competitive price. Find out what others are selling similar items for and come up with a price which will attract tempting offers for your used furniture.

Now you can find your choice route for advertising the furniture and remember to include your contact details so anyone interested in buying the furniture can easily get in touch with you.



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