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Some things sell better at a certain time of year. Summer is by far the most popular time for going on holiday, camping, barbecues and outdoor living whereas Winter encourages us to stay in the warm and watch movies and get snug. So what items are best advertised during the summer?


what sells best in the summer


There are a few things that sell very well on the approach to summer and some during the summer months:

  • Covertible cars
  • Campervans and motor homes
  • Barbecues
  • Garden and patio furniture
  • Travel accessories


Convertible cars

It's only natural that convertible cars are more popular during the summer. In the UK there are almost 6 months of the year where we can pretty much guarantee that the temperature will not rise high enough to justify the lowering of a roof so the sales of convertible cars drastically reduces in the Autumn and into the Winter. This is often reflected in the selling price too - with convertible cars prices naturally getting higher as the temperature rises.

Advertise your convertible car for sale in Spring and you'll notice a much higher demand with buyers looking to make the most of the entire summer season. Sell a car online today.


Campervans and Motor Homes

Similar to the convertible car, a camper van will be much easier to sell in the Summer, when buyers are looking to load-up and set-off on their travels with a somewhat more trustworthy weather forecast. Early summer will see a rise in interest and sellers will find that the asking price is easier to achieve while demand for motor homes is high. Post an ad.


Barbecues (and their accessories)

There comes a certain time of year where you'll notice the supermarkets replace de-icer and grit at their entrances with disposable barbecues, charcoal and various outdoor eating accessories. The reason they do this is that supermarkets understand better than most that demand for one item will fall off at the end of the winter season and with the rising ourdoor temperatures comes a desire to make the most of our gardens and social time.

The more savvy amoung us will know that a big (often gas fired) barbecue will offer a much more enjoyable, easier and somewhat bigger cooking experience. If you've got a gas barbecue to sell then the best way to know how to get a quick sale is to watch and wait for the supermarkets to introduce their line of barbecue offerings; this will usually be around April when the sun graces us in patches as a warm up to the summer months. Post an ad.


Garden and Patio Furniture

What better way to encourage your family and friends around your new gas barbecue than with some comfortable and stylish new garden furniture? We all want to enjoy a true al-fresco experience and there's no better way than to snap-up some bargain second hand furniture. Advertise it in the summer and you'll see the interest is there and prices can be higher to accommodate demand. Post an ad.


Travel Accessories

Just about any travel accessory is better advertised in the summer. Although travelling and holidaying still takes place outside of the summer months the demand for any accessories including suitcases, roofracks and roof boxes, small trailers, kids travel toys and beach accessories are all better making these items easier to sell. Post an ad.


The same can all be said for certain items in the winter and other times of year but the summer is here for us and if you have any of the above items that you want to sell then there's no better time to sign up and sell with


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