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Need a new phone on a budget? Shop the second hand market and get quality cheap used iPhone and Android phones for a fraction of the new price in 2018. We look at the best, most powerful phones that you can buy used and still get all the performance on a tight budget.

You're probably either looking for a phone to bridge the gap between wrecking your contact phone and getting an upgrade or you're savvy and want an upgrade which has all the performance of newer phones without paying over £500 for the pleisure.


best used phones 2017



  • The Cheap used phones that perform as well as newer models
  • Android or iPhone?
  • What's affordable, how much should I pay and what will I get?


From the booming Huawei P9 range and Samsung's Galaxy phones to Apple iPhones of 2016 and 2017 and more, here's our choice of the used phones to go for and how much you'll want to pay:


What are the best cheap used phones to buy in 2018 and how much will they cost today?

1. Used Huawei P9


Used Huawei P9

Expect to pay: around £150 used (good condition)

Ideal for: Anyone. This phone is packed with features and the latest tech. Ideal for highly demanding users.

Watch out for: Battery performance - The non-replaceable battery unit means once the battery weakens there's nothing you can do.


Huawei made a huge leap in 2016 introducing the P9 range of phones and any of the tech savvy amoung us could see they could hold-up-strong against Samsung and iPhone. The Huawei P9 is the big brother of it's very-high scoring lite version and just pushes ahead with strengthened glass screen, advanced processing power and dual cameras for a deeper richer photograph.

If you're looking for a powerful used android phone with an achievable price tag then we recommend the P9. It has a dual camera on the back, very responsive fingerprint reader, excellent screen and the tech is still ahead of top end phones of today. For the next 12 months this phone will still fit right in. And it looks and feels really good too!

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2. Used Samsung Galaxy S6

Used Samsung Galaxy S6


Expect to pay: around £160 used (good condition)

Ideal for: Heavy phone users looking to get a well-recognised brand with reliability and performance to match.

Watch out for: Non-original batteries and chargers. Always try to use original power items to ensure safety.


The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge were the flagship Samsung phone of 2016, offering premium design and build with updated versions of just about everything. It still packs a great punch today and looks just as good as other phones released to the market through 2017 and early 2018. Keep an eye out for used phones with a crack in the screen (both the front and back are glass) as this will probably only get worse with day to day use. Find a solid one and you're quids in.

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3. Used iPhone 6s

Used iPhone 6s


Expect to pay: £200-£250

Ideal for: Apple lovers on a budget

Watch out for: Battery life. As with all iPhone's the battery is non-replaceable


iPhone's have a tendency to hold their value very well until the updates stop, and in 2017 this will be no different I'm sure. So the value will stay high but you're buying a used iPhone which has the modern look and feel and excellent features. If you're partial to Apple products and on a budget then this is the best model to shop for. In order to ensure the value stays high for when it comes to you selling it on look for a phone in cosmetically good condition and keep the software up to date. Neutral colours like black, white or silver will be easier to sell but may cost you a little more to buy.

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4. Used Samsung Galaxy S5

Used Samsung Galaxy S5


Expect to pay: £80

Ideal for: A performance lover who isn't driven by fashion

Watch out for: Rooted and flashed ROM's can cause serious software issues


This phone is aging now and for fashion seekers it's probably the wrong choice, but the phone itself is strong and powerful and the (rare nowadays) replaceable battery means it can hold a solid day-long charge too. This phone was hugely popular during it's release and there are so many out there that the price is great as a powerful, reputable handset that will see you through. An octa-core processor and plenty of ram means the handset handles Android 5.1 with ease and modern, demanding games still perform very well. So the only real reason for the price dropping well below £100 for used Galaxy S5's in 2018 will be that the phone is no longer seen as "new". It still performs very well and will offer you far more in perfance and features than equivelantly priced new phones.

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5. Used iPhone 6

Used iPhone 6


Expect to pay: £130

Ideal for: A first time iPhone'er or tight budget Apple fan

Watch out for: Battery life (non-replaceable) and limited memory


A step back as far as iPhone's go, the iPhone 6 is Apple's offering from way back in 2015 however it still offers a competitive array of features and performance. What makes this used iPhone a great choice to buy on the second hand market? The fingerprint reader has been fine-tuned in this model and the camera and social media integration is excellent. This is a great affordable iPhone solution in the used phone market.

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6. Used iPhone SE

Used iPhone SE


Expect to pay: £190

Ideal for: A power seeker unphased by fashion

Watch out for: Damaged phone housing and battery performance


The easiest way to describle the Apple iPhone SE is an iPhone 6s in a 5s' body. The iPhone SE is a compliment to the used phone market as it packs a real power-punch but does so without the flashy modern exterior. Expect plenty of performance and onboard utilities including NFC at a much better price than the more up-to-date iPhone 6s.

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7. Used Huawei MATE 8

Used Huawei Mate 8


Expect to pay: £120

Ideal for: Business users - Tablet sized phone

Watch out for: Size - Does this one even fit in your pocket?


More a "Phablet" than a phone, the huge 6 inch screened phone packs a lot in but does so in a way oversized shell. It's a real 'geek phone' and offers much more for a low price than you could expect from Samsung or Apple's much higher-priced alternatives. There's no subtlety here so be aware that you're getting a big phone for your money. The design of the Huawei Mate 8 is such that it's target audience is niche and so we can expect prices to come down quickly - A smart purchase for the thrifty phone shopper.

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The used phone market is only ever growing and if you're looking for a phone on a tight budget then why not buy used and get something with far more power and features than equivelantly-priced new handsets?

Shop around and you're sure to find a phone which offers all the performance of a much newer handset but a price tag that doesn't see you needing to save up for more than a month.


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