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Are you planning on suprising the family by getting a new pet for the household? Whether it's a new puppy for the family or a goldfish, a kitten or a horse, here's some helpful advice on understanding the true cost and committment before you get a new family pet...

Every December, in-line with the up-coming Christmas holidays hundreds of thousands of families across the UK contemplate the idea of gracing their homes with a new family pet and that continues year-round. Some families consider getting a puppy while others consider horses, gold-fish, kittens or any other household or equine pet. Here's a few points to consider before making the commitment to any pet.


Getting a new pet for Christmas


Getting a new pet is a big deal for any household and we make it as easy as possible to find your pet with pet classified ads in the UK. However, the cost to buy the pet and associated housing, bedding, food etc., along with the ongoing costs will all need to be considered. Factor in the items below which may be associated with the pet you're thinking of getting:


The above points and unavoidable costs of keeping any pet. If you read the list and thought you may not, at any point during the life of the pet be able to afford any of those items relevant to your prospective pet(s) then you should seriously consider not getting a pet at the moment.


Feeding your pet

Providing the right food for your pet is simply crucial to their wellbeing. A small fish in a tank will require regular, small amounts of relatively cheap fish-flakes whereas a large dog or horse will need to be fed specific, dietary feeds which provide them with a healthy balance of nutrition and these feeds will prove expensive.


Veterinary costs and insurance

It is inevitable that at some stage during your pet's life they will require some form of veterinary care - Vet's fees can be a great deal of money and will need to be paid upon your pet receiving treatment or medication. Do you have the funds available at short notice to make these payments?


Grooming, cleaning and care

All pets need to be kept clean and cared for according to their needs. A dog will require walking regularly, with larger dogs needing to be run for a good length of time, often more than once a day. Do you have the time and energy to commit to this excerise? Horses will need a good sized grazable field with regular health checks and shelter which they can access easily whereby a cat may prove to be quite self-sufficient and they clean themselves most of the time! Pay special attention to the needs of your chosen pet before committing to buying one for your home.


Livery, boarding kennels or carers

Larger animals simply cannot be left alone for any length of time and this is where animal care establishments like catteries, boarding kennels and livery yards provide an easy solution to ensuring your pet is looked after while you may need to be away for any period of time. Animal boarding does not come for free though so be sure you are able to finance their time away as well as your own.


Treats, toys and accessories

All animals will appreciate some toys, accessories within their home and the occasional, well-earned treat. These will cost money on top of your other financial commitments to your pet and should be thought of as part of your regular shop, along with food.


So now that you have an idea of the actual financial commitment, are you sure you're ready to commit the money and time to your pet to make sure they are properly cared for and well fed and walked, cleaned, homed and looked after? There is no doubting that a pet will bring happiness to your home and we encourage anyone who is able to provide properly for an animal to find a home within their family for a loyal and loving pet - We also want to be sure that you know what you are committing to.


It's a wonderful moment blessing a new home with a pet or being able to provide your son or daughter with their lifelong wish of owning a pony - The happiness a pet can bring your family is truly amazing. The message is that a pet should be considered as a lifelong committment and one which you know you can provide for the animal and all of it's needs. The long walks in cold weather, the cleaning, the attention they often demand along with the training and wellbeing of your loving pet.


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