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Are you wondering what to do with your children's old clothes? There's a brilliantly simple way to recycle your old childen's clothes and make a little bit of money back to put towards some new clothes for your child...

selling old childrens clothing


Children grow up quickly, and that means there will inevitably be a high turn-over of clothes and if you don't find a way to move them on (be that by binning them, passing them on to someone else or bagging them up and taking them to the recycling centre) then you'll soon find your house overloaded with children's old clothes which no longer fit your child.

But there is a better way - Something to do with your old children's clothing which can make you a bit of extra money...


How to make money from your old childrens clothing

Provided that the clothing is still in good condition, you can advertise your children's clothing for sale to parents with small children for whome the clothes will fit. Buying second hand clothing is a great option for parents who have little disposible income, meaning they can buy good-quality used clothing at a great price, and you can easily make some extra money.

Holes, blemishes, staines or imperfections on the clothing should be pointed out within your selling advert so that the buyer is well-aware of what they are getting. Be sure to be open and honest in your photo's and descriptions of the children's clothing or you'll find yourself having to sell it again.


What Children's clothing will sell well?

To be honest here, anything will sell well. As long as the quality is good and the item is clean and tidy then there is a parent near you who will appreciate it at the right price. Here are a few ideas of clothing items which, if in a good condition, you'll find you can sell easily to local buyers:

  • Children's shoes
  • Jeans and denim clothing
  • Baby clothing, babygrows or babies shoes
  • hoodies and cold weather clothing

Items of clothing which last well, like denim clothing or thick warm jumpers last well and so will sell well if you have these items laying around after your child out-grew them.


Where do I advertise childrens clothes?

Head over to the fashion and clothing section of the website to see clothing listings and create your advert online today. Advertise used childrens clothes, second hand or unwanted childrens clothing for sale at a bargain price and you'll find a new home for the items in no time.

Sign up to icLocal today - Your account is free forever and you'll be able to advertise your unwanted and outgrown children's clothing for sale to local parents who can contact you directly through the website to arrange to purchase them from you.


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