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What are classified ads?

Classified advertising is a form of advertising a product, service or other item(s) via affordable or free small adverts which are distributed in bulk via free or low-cost media formats.

The most common ad format is on classified ads websites, contrary to the historical print advertised classified adverts of the late 19th Century and early 20th Century.

Classified advertising usually includes photographs, a description of the product or service and a contact telephone number or email address for the advertiser.

How do I create an advert?

If you do not already have an account with you will need to register (here). Once your account is created and you log in to your account you will be taken directly to the advert creation page where you can place your classified advert.

How long does my advert last?

Free adverts are published on our website for 30 days, starting from the time and date that your ad is submitted and ending 30 days later at the same time of day as the advert was originally submitted.

A small fee can be paid to extend the duration of your advert to 60 or 90 days, ideal for service adverts or advertisers looking to sell multiple items.

What are the benefits of classified ads?

The benefits of using classified ads to sell or rent items or services are that classified ads websites like FreeAdsUK offer an existing audience of website visitors who are already looking for items just like yours. Classified ads are an extremely affordable way of selling items to a wide audience and classified ad websites make it easy to communicate between buyers and sellers.

Classified ads also have the advantage of offering several features including photographs of what you have to offer and are usually free-of-charge or very affordable.

How do I contact Free Ads UK?

The easiest way to contact us is via our contact form on the contact us page. Alternative contact methods are detailed on our contact us page too.

Does Free Ads UK advertise elsewhere?

We do everything we can to make sure your classified ads are seen by as many people as possible. This includes advertising our website on search engines to encourage buyers to view your ads, as well as offering information and sharing links to ads on social media sites. Our social media profiles include:

Follow us on any of the above social media sites to see how we can benefit your classified advertising.

What can I do if there is no category for my item?

If you cannot find a suitable category for your item or service on our website simply send us an email via the Contact Us page and we will do everything we can to create the category for you.

If you have suggestions of new categories for the FreeAdsUK website we'd love to hear from you: submit your ideas.

Are my classified ads only visible by local people?

Your classified adverts on our website can be searched for by customers local to you as well as website visitors from across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Our website is accessible by visitors from all over the World, however we aim to target your ads to local customers and national customers who are likely to want to purchase your item or service.

Can I post an advert in more than one category?

No. You can only select one category to post your classified ad in to. It is important that you select the most appropriate category for your item or service to ensure the right website visitors see your ad. Posting a classified ad in to the wrong or an inappropriate category will dramatically decrease your chances of finding a buyer.

How can I boost my advert?

There are many options for boosting your advert and encouraging more visitors and enquiries. We offer solutions to bump, highlight and feature your advert for a very small fee, these options are available to you when creating your advert, or you can add these options by editing your advert at any time.

Alternatively you can encourage more visitors to your advert by sharing the ad on social media websites with friends, and then asking them to help you by also sharing your advert...

Social media sharing links appear at the top of your advert and we encourage your to share on as many social media sites as possible to get the most from your advert. You can also copy the advert "link" from your web browser address bar and share the link on social media profiles.

Do I need an account to create an advert?

Yes. Every advertiser will need to create an account so that they can create free classified ads on the FreeAdsUK website. Creating an account is simple and your account allows you to modify ads and keep track of what you're selling and how they're doing. Create an account here, it's free.

Do I need an account to browse ads and contact sellers?

No. You can browse classified ads and other pages on the website without an account. You can also contact advertisers via their published contact details or by using the contact form within the classified advert, all without an account.

What is the refund policy?

Refunds from sellers on must be taken up directly with the seller. Refunds with regards paid/upgraded advertising on are detailed within our Refund Policy.

How do I report a problem or potential problem?

We encourage all buyers and sellers to report problems to us as soon as possible. See the full details here.