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Roland HP307-RW Upright Digital Piano

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The HP-307 is based on Roland’s new SuperNATURAL Piano engine — a breakthrough technology derived from the flagship V-Piano, as well as 88-key stereo multisampling. SuperNATURAL Piano brings a new level of authentic sound and natural performance to the digital domain. Roland’s engineers relentlessly analyzed the complex, ever-changing characteristics of concert grand pianos, faithfully capturing and reproducing the tonal variations based on the velocity of each keystroke. Three key elements have been dramatically enhanced: velocity response, note decay and key-range behavior. The end result is an incredibly expressive and authentic sound that blurs the line between digital and acoustic. 

Inherited from Roland’s flagship V-Piano, the HP-307’s PHA III Keyboard with Escapement offers maximum comfort, playability, and response. PHA III improves key repetition. The combination of PHA III and SuperNATURAL piano faithfully translates the most subtle performance nuances into natural, accurate sound. The keyboard expresses the player’s articulation perfectly from delicate to full-impact, as well as each independent note in rapid succession ― including sustained tones. The escapement mechanism recreates the authentic “click feel” of a grand-piano keyboard, which particularly enhances expression when playing pianissimo. The keyboard also features Roland’s acclaimed Ivory Feel ― a comfortable and realistic moisture-absorbent material that prevents slipping from perspiration during performance. 

This HP-307 is in gorgeous wood cabinets with a traditional rosewood finish. The HP-307 offers a Classic Position key lid that can be positioned to conceal the control panel, as well as elegant and solid front legs, classically shaped triple pedals and a convenient music score holder on music stopper. 

For those who wish to customize the piano sound to suit their personal taste, the Piano Designer feature allows friendly access to a variety of tone-shaping controls. Fine adjustments, with visual confirmation from Graphic LCD display, enable you to get the sound qualities you want, such as Cabinet Resonance or the effects of different positioning of the “virtual” grand piano lid. Create the perfect custom sound, and save it for instant recall. 

For side-by-side practice or performance, you can divide the keyboard into left and right zones with Twin Piano mode, which allows two people to play the same range of pitches. It’s like having two independent pianos spread across one keyboard. You can choose to have the two zones blended or separated (Individual mode) so sound of the right-hand keyboard zone is heard only from the right speaker and the sound of the left-hand zone is heard only in the left speaker. Similarly, with headphones, you can blend the zones in both headphones or separate them with the two headphone outputs. 

The HP-307 is packed with a library of play-along songs, from classical to jazz. You can also play songs in a variety of formats, including commercially available SMF music files or audio files stored on your USB flash memory (sold separately), and audio CDs*. With built-in songs and SMF music files, you can designate which parts to play back. Play an orchestra backing part and play the piano part on top of it with your right hand to create a powerful ensemble performance. Since you can alter the key and tempo independently, you can slow down the playback of songs you are learning, or change the key of the song depending on the vocal range. The possibilities are endless. You can also use the Center Cancel function to minimize the melody part on an audio CD, and play along with one hand. You can also jam or sing with your favorite band. 


88 keys (PHA III ivory feel Keyboard with Escapement) 

Touch: 100 levels/Fixed Touch 
Hammer Response: Off/1 to 10 

Whole, Dual (volume balance adjustable), Split (split point adjustable), Twin piano 

128 voices 

337 tones (including 8 drum sets, 1 SFX set) 

8 types, selectable temperament Key 

Tracks: 3 tracks 
Songs: Recorder section: 1 song 
Internal Memory: Max. 99 songs 
Note Storage: Approx. 30,000 notes 
Control: Song Select, Play/Stop, Rec, Rewinding, Fast-forwarding, Track Mute, Mute Volume, Tempo, Tempo Mute, All Songs Play, Count-in, Song Volume, Center Cancel (only for audio playback) 
Tempo: Quarter note = 10 to 500 
Audio Playback Speed: 75–125% 
Resolution: 120 ticks per quarter note 
Metronome: Beat: 2/2, 0/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 7/4, 3/8, 6/8, 9/8, 12/8 
Volume: 0 to 10 levels 
Metronome Pattern: 11 patterns 

External Storage: USB Memory, Floppy Disk (when using an optional floppy disk drive) 
Playable Software: Standard MIDI Files (Format 0/1), Roland Original Format (i-Format), Audio File (WAV 44.1 kHz/16-bit Linear Format), Audio CDs (CD-DA) (when using a CD drive) 

Internal Songs 72 songs 
Rated Power Output 60 W x 2 
Volume Level (SPL*) 110 dB 
* This figure was measured according to the method that is based on Roland’s technical standard. 
Speakers 16 cm x 2(with Speaker box), 5 cm x 2 
Display 128 x 64 dots Graphic monochrome LCD (with backlit) 
Language English, Japanese 
Lyrics Yes (Built-in Display) 
Control Volume, LCD Contrast 
Pedal Damper (capable of continuous detection), Soft (capable of continuous detection, function assignable), 
Sostenuto (function assignable) 
Other Function Panel Lock, Classic Position, V-LINK 
Connectors AC inlet, Input jacks (L/Mono, R), Output jacks (L/Mono, R), USB connector, MIDI connectors (In, Out), Phones jack (Stereo) x 2, External Memory connector 
Power Consumption 140 W 
Accessories Owner’s Manual, Music book, Power Cord, Headphone Hook 

Width 1,417 mm 
55-13/16 inches 
Depth 529 mm 
20-7/8 inches 
Height 1,082 mm 
42-5/8 inches 
Weight 78.5 kg 
173 lbs. 1 oz.

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North Yorkshire, Yorkshire, England

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