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Singing lessons (via Skype) with an accredited teacher - £26

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* Accredited IVTOM teacher (International Voice Teachers of Mix) * Hello there!I'm a certified singing teacher and I offer Skype singing lessons, all styles and all levels. Beginners are more than welcome!Each lesson is divided in two parts: warm ups and exercises, then application to a song. You decide if you want to take more time for the exercises or for the songs (we can of course focus only on one of the two parts). The management of the time also depends on your goals.The class is adapted to how you learn. Some students are looking for efficiency, some others will need more patience and a "step by step" plan! Some want to understand precisely how the voice works and its physiology, some want to stay in a simpler (but efficient!) or with a more fun approach.Of course we will work on posture, breathing, and relaxation because your singing comes from all your body.Each exercise is designed for you, and is adapted to your voice. Depending on your voice, some exercises will be easier and way more efficient than others. They will lead you to a faster success, while other ones might strenghten your "bad habits", and you will progress more slowly. Thus, it is necessary to pick the right ones for you.The second part of the class will be dedicated to working on songs of your choice. Don't be afraid to pick songs you consider too complicated for you: they all are adaptable and you might be surprised to see that you're able to sing songs you thought were "wayyyy to hard"!My students are beginners, professionals, children and adults... Some were out of tune (and aren't anymore!) and some now record their album. Some need a specific program for an audition, some come to sing just for fun. They all evolved and found what they were looking for: their voice!I'm available for all your questions, so please don't hesitate to contact me!___________________________________Curriculum Vitae:IVTOM Accredited Teacher (IVTOM is a "professional organization for voice teachers". It is a great network with ENTs, voice scientists, speech pathologists... The certification, obtained after passing the exam, proves the level of the teacher, his/her efficiency, pedagogical abilities and physiologic knowlegde.) Teacher in Vancouver, CanadaTrained by Cecile LaRochelle (Canada) and Keri Hughes (Utah, USA) for IVTOMGold Medal at the "Recital Certificate Programme" (singing certification of classical singing and musical theater style) at the Royal Irish Academy of Music, IrelandTeacher in Waterford, IrelandTrained by Valerie Leahy, classical singer (Ireland)Breakthrough Singing Workshop with Mick & Tess Pulver (Florida, USA)In charge of drama and singing classes, on the theme "Creating a musical"Musical theater classesPrivate lessons with Jean-Michel Chevalier, FranceChoir____________________________________The lessons are only available by Skype.The fee is 30€ (approx. 26£) per hour (60 min).30, 45 and 60 min lessons available (pro-rata fee). ____________________________________You can have a look at my website here (don't forget to click on the english flag for the english version) : www.floriegounelle.comYou can have a look at the Facebook page here, on which I post regular and various tips:

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