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West Yorkshire, Yorkshire, England


Style 8 Bluthner grand piano, serial number 42884, built in 1897, with the distinctive Style 8 Aliquot stringing (an extra string above each set of treble strings which vibrates in sympathy and enriches the tone), and Bluthner patent action. Well cared for and newly tuned, it embodies the famous Bluthner 'golden mellow tone.' The ivory on a few of the keys has a tiny chip at the edge, but this is no detriment to the playing. One of the front corners is a little faded by the sun, as can be seen in the picture. Otherwise it is in fine condition. The wood graining is beautiful so it is a lovely piece of furniture as well as a sonorous, full-toned instrument. Prospective buyers are welcome to come and play. Buyer collects; seller can recommend a qualified mover. £4,250 ono for quick sale.

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